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Shock as top candidate scores 137 marks in a Bomet school

A school in Bomet County got a mean score of 86.04 in what could be one of the country’s poorest performing cases in the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams.

In the Mutharakwa ward of the Bomet Central seat, Chingondi Primary School nominated 17 candidates who scored among the lowest nationally.

The highest-scoring candidate received 137 points, while the lowest-scoring contender received 46 points in an unique performance that has sparked widespread attention in the country.

“This is the worst performance ever registered in the school and we are demanding an explanation not only from the institution managers and ministry of education but also the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) on this serious matter,” said Ms Joan Kirui, a parent.

Ms Kirui stated that an explanation as to whether there were any malpractices or merely a lack of preparation on the part of the applicants was urgently required.

Ms Joan Kirui, a parent of Bomet County’s Chingondi Primary School

According to the school’s official results, the highest-scoring student in the English subject received 35 points, while the lowest-scoring student received 15 points, for a total of 22.29 points in the subject.

In Kiswahili, the highest-scoring candidate received 28 points, while the lowest-scoring contender received 06 points, for a total of 11.41 points.

Math received the best score of 26 points, while the second received 19 points, and all 15 applicants received 17 points in the subject, with a mean score of 17.65.



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