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“She uses witchcraft” Nicah the Queen explains her beef with Amber Ray

Gospel artist Nicah the Queen has come out to explain her beef with socialite Amber Ray, following her numerous attacks on her.

She said,

“Something must have triggered it, definitely. I don’t want to mention any names but all I will say is that people should pray for their marriages. A lot of people are going to witchdoctors (to get other women’s husbands) and that is the point I trying to put across. It is happening left, right and center.”

Amber Ray and Nicah the Queen Image: Instagram

She added that she had friends who had also suffered from the vicious issue of husband-snatching.

“I have friends, I have people around me and these are some of the things that are really happening in marriages. You find that someone has been in their marriage for a very long time then somebody comes, takes the husband, and maybe they aren’t even using the right way.”

She said that the reason she had highlighted Amber Ray was that she was a prominent example of the issue. She stressed that personally, she had no beef with the socialite.

“As we all know, Amber Ray has been in the limelight a few times regarding the same thing. I was trying to pass on a message that people have to really pray for their marriages.”

Had Nicah herself been a victim of a husband-snatcher?

“No, no. I have never had a break-up because of cheating or something like that but people close to me…What I am seeing is crazy,” she reiterated.

Had she ever been advised to go to a witch doctor to keep a husband? “I cannot even entertain that type of conversation. I am fully rooted in Christ. I cannot even try because anything you get through witchcraft ends.

She then concluded by saying that anyone who had gotten a hubby without using witchcraft should still be married to that man.

“Even if you try to get someone’s husband with witchcraft, in the end, he will come back. If you had gotten him with witchcraft, you would still be married by now. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t get it, forget it.” the singer sarcastically said.



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