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Sad! Former Machachari Twins Decry Poverty after Show

Former Machachari child stars, twins Muthuri and Muthure, have claimed they have been struggling with poverty since the show ended in 2019.

The two who acted as Chalo’s (Peterson Gathambo) mischievous children claimed that they have been unable to get other acting gigs since 2019 and have been forced to depend on manual works for survival.

Speaking with Mungai Eve on her new show, Pioneer, Muthuri claimed that he is currently working as a “chalk-boy” for pool-table in a local joint. Muthure said that he doing some manual work while writing some scripts.

They, however, claimed that getting the manual jobs was difficult, considering the current harsh economic times. “Huku mtaaani, hustle ni ngori sana. Yaani, mi huenda kwa pool, naenda kuandika hiyo chalk ndo nipate hiyo 30 bob ziingize hata punch,” Muthuri lamented.

The twins claimed they are struggling with depression since people despise them for being jobless despite being child stars. They claimed that their life turnout from being child stars to doing manual jobs has made them a laughing stock in their home area.

However, they are hopeful that their star will shine again. Muthure claimed that he is managing his depression through writing. He said that he was hopeful that he will use his writings in the future in case they get gigs.

On being asked whether the show helped them in any way, they claimed they used the money they were paid to pay for their school fees and rent.

“Pale Machachari, hiyo doo tukilipwa ilikuwa inatusaidia sana. Hiyo ilitufikisha mbali. Ilitulipia chuo, keja, na kusaidia mathe,” stated Muthuri.

They were adamant that stardom did not affect them because they could not understand its magnitude since they were children.

They, however, complained that fame made them not have a normal childhood. Muthure explained how they had to live perfectly to avoid their reputation being spoiled. “Huwezi kosea, kwanza shule, unaambiwa vitu mob sana, huku si Machachari,” he explained.

They also regretted they made fake friends, who have since abandoned them since the show ended. They claimed that their journey had been a great lesson that they will apply in the future once they retain their stardom.

The Machachari Show, which aired on Citizen TV, was canceled in 2019, 11 years after its inception in 2010. The fans pressured its cancellation due to the characters’ age, who were teenagers by then. The show was to portray shenanigans of 3-5years old children.

Other former casts who have come out to decry hardships after the show include Mama Baha na Govi (Wanjiru Mburu) and Mama Stella (Clara Wamaitha).



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