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President Kenyatta’s Family Hold Prayers to Break Evil Spirits

On Sunday, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family held an interdenominational prayer service at Githunguri stadium in an attempt to dispel evil spirits reportedly left by their forebears.

Congregants led by former Kiambu women’s representative and Uhuru’s first cousin poured libations at the Maumau memorial grounds during the prayers, which were characterized by cleaning the spirits with prayers.

President Kenyatta’s family Hold Prayers to Break Evil Spirits

The reverends and pastors at the occasion declared that God had directed them to make a sacrifice on behalf of the Kikuyu community and President Kenyatta’s family during the prayers.


They went on to denounce the vicious attacks on Mama Ngina, claiming that her call for peace ahead of the August general elections came from her heart.

The cleansing ceremony takes place after Gatundu South Moses Kuria exploited the story of the 1969 Kikuyu pledge taken by Kikuyus led by late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta to persuade Kikuyus to vote for DP Ruto.

The oath supposedly urged the Kikuyu community not to let the county’s leadership to leave the Mt. Kenya region, as well as not to vote for anyone from the Luo group.

After being attacked, Kuria defended himself by saying that the community needed to breach the pledge or they wouldn’t continue to follow it.



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