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“Pick a side and put on your Jersey!” Moses Kuria sends strong message to Martha Karua

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has sent a strong message to NARC Party leader Martha Karua, urging her to pick a political side.

Taking to his Facebook page, Moses Kuria suggested that a Ruto-Karua presidential ticket will save Kenya from the ‘eternal dynastic domination’.

“To my good friend and soul mate Hon Martha Karua. We can not make ourselves ideal humans from clay. We can only live with the ones God gave us, with all their imperfections and frailties.

“Pick a side and put on your Jersey. I look forward to an imminent Ruto-Karua ticket to save this country from eternal dynastic domination and give hopes to millions of children who went to school barefooted.

If you decide otherwise you will still remain my sister, my senior and my friend.”

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria

In an interview with NTV yesterday, Martha Karua revealed that her OKA co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Gideon Moi (KANU), and Cyrus Jirongo (UDP) joined Azimio La Umoja on their own claiming that they ignored her when they decided to establish a political deal with Raila.

According to Karua, the entire point of joining OKA was to allow the coalition’s members to bargain as a single entity ahead of the August elections.

She claims, however, that her OKA co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Gideon Moi (KANU), and Cyrus Jirongo (UDP) joined Azimio La Umoja on their own.

“One Kenya Alliance (OKA) was our collaborators for the sole purpose of negotiating together. But our colleagues decided to sign an agreement on their own during the Azimio National Delegates Conference. This means the sole purpose of forming OKA failed on that day. But we are still friends,” she said.


“As NARC-Kenya we cannot hold anyone back. I don’t want to use the word betrayal because we all had the freedom to opt in or out of OKA. So it is their right.”

The Kirinyaga County Governor aspirant insists that she is comfortable in NARC-Kenya and is still open to negotiations with like-minded political players.

“Martha Karua belongs to NARC-Kenya. She is not outside in the rain… She is in a comfortable in a home called NARC-Kenya.”

Martha Karua with other leaders during the #MaendeleoAt70  meeting.

In a political rally in Kirinyaga county, Martha Karua revealed that she is yet to decide which which coalition to join, stating that Kenya Kwanza Alliance and Azimio La Umoja coalitions were both full of ‘thieves’.

She noted that both camps have shortcomings and positive sides hence the need to weigh options before rushing to make a decision.

“Mnauliza kama pale juu naonaje, mimi nawaambia, hizo team zote mbili hakuna team haina wezi, wakora na hakuna team haina wachache wazuri,” she said.

She added:

“Ile mimi nangojea ni kuangalia kwa makini niangalie ni team gani iko na watu wengi wazuri. Na hiyo ndo team naweza kujiunga nayo ndo tukomboe Kenya ili mali yetu isiendele kuporwa. Lazima tuhitaji kupiga Kura ya Urais, lakini kwa ile team iko na watu wanaeza okoa Kenya.”



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