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Pascal Tokodi: I Would Like to Meet President Uhuru (Video)

After a brief interaction with President Uhuru last year, Selina actor Pascal Tokodi triggered a heated controversy in the media.

While driving along State House Road, Pascal ran into the President of Kenya.


In a brief encounter, an ecstatic Pascal greeted President Uhuru and advised him to watch Selina, a local telenovela.

Pascal was chastised for telling the president something that wasn’t ‘Nationally significant.’

The actor now claims that the brief interaction improved the ratings of Selina’s program, in which he plays Nelson.

He would, however, welcome a scheduled meeting with the President to discuss Kenyan entertainment issues.

“I would love to just pick his brain, I am sure he has a lot of things. I would love to get bits and pieces from him…share my mind about the entertainment industry,” he said.

Pascal, who is also a father-to-be, discussed how the advent of his child will impact the way he does things.

He claims that the infant will receive far more attention than their pet dog, Ace, whom they adore.



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