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“I might Impregnate you” Samidoh warns female dancer with ‘suggestive moves’

Kikuyu vernacular singer Samuel Muchoki also known as Samidoh has been trending over the weekend after he was captured on camera ordering a lady out of stage during live performance.

In the video, the Mugithi singer took a break from his performance and directed the lady to stop her  ‘suggestive dance moves.’ Samidoh politely asked her to leave the stage while handing her money and explaining that he was tempted.

Screenshot of the lady dancer

The father of five joked that he follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, and that the last person who made similar moves to him is now a new mother.

“Usituletee temptation kwa hii kazi. Mimi nimetake after guka yangu, sikujangi na number mzuri. Mwenye alinikaribia hivo mara ya mwisho, sahii ananyonyesha. (Don’t put me into temptations I take after my polygamous grandfather. The last person who made such moves on me is now breastfeeding.)”

“Unaweza kaakaa hapa ujipate Pumwani. Sasa badala ya hio maneno, wewe enda tuu uende kabisa,” (You might end up in Pumwani but instead, just leave the stage.) he added.



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