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“He Should Be Fired” Nelson Havi Reacts to KWS Director Waweru Flying From Langata To Mombasa Road

On Wednesday 2, March 2022, the Kenya Wildlife Service Director General John Waweru made headlines after using an helicopter to fly from Langata to Standard Group offices where he was scheduled to attend a morning interview at Spice FM.

This didn’t sit well with a section of Kenyans online, others wondering why the director chose to fly instead of using Road o  such a short distance.


Photo collage of Nelson Havi and landing Helicopter

The former LSK president Nelson Havi expressed his hunger suggesting that this was improper for the DG Waweru to waste public funds, calling for his sacking and arraignment.

“Kshs 500K misappropriated by KWS Director General John Waweru to fly from Langata Road to Mombasa Road, a distance of less than 20km for a TV interview. It would have taken him 20 minutes by road at Kshs 1K for fuel. He should be fired and surcharged for the cost of the airlift,” Havi stated.

Here are some of the reactions from the KOT:

Gerald Kiriama: That’s Kenya for you. Using a chopper from Langata to Mombasa road?? Using our money? Really? Who can safe this country?

Julius Maina Nderitu (Hombre: The chopper was on a routine service test and he’s given a lift!! Kenyans we strain to create a mountain out of an ant hill 😂😂

Joseph Kiprop Kosgey: Was there an emergency with that interview

Edwin Onchari: In the interview, did you ask him why he saw fit to use a chopper for a distance less than 10kms in Nairobi?


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