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“GEMA will betray you. You’ll fall from hero to zero” Mutahi Ngunyi warns Ruto

Controversial Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has warned the Deputy President William Ruto to be careful with the Mount Kenya people, claims they will betray him.

In a tweet, Ngunyi stated that it was just a bout time DP Ruto falls from grace to grass.

“Dear William Ruto: GEMA will betray you. It is not a matter of whether or not. It is a matter of when. And when they betray you, you will fall from hero to zero; from grace to grass. End of discussion.”

The report comes as Ruto and Uhuru’s tense relationship continues to deteriorate after Uhuru publicly endorsed Raila Odinga for presidency on Saturday.

“We have chosen Raila Odinga without any opposition to be the fifth president of Kenya,” Uhuru Kenyatta told a cheering crowd at KICC.

Yesterday, DP William Ruto responded saying he has forgiven President Uhuru and left him to God for mistreating him and his allies during his second term in office.

“We have seen everything you have done, but because we respect God, we have forgiven and left you in his hands.”

Mutahi Ngunyi has been a serial critic of William Ruto since his fallout with Uhuru Kenyatta. In July 2021, Ngunyi pointed out that the DP would only be Kenya’s President if his boss Uhuru Kenyatta would die.

“Let’s remember last year when Covid-19 struck, Ruto addressed the nation from a government house in Karen, he was asked by the media, as to why he wasn’t at State House when the President was addressing the nation on covid, Ruto responded by stating that the President and his Deputy cannot travel in the same equipment at any one time.

“What Ruto was saying without uttering the words is that he had contemplated a situation where he was the designated survivor. He was telling the country that should there be a scenario where Uhuru ceases to exist, he is next in line.

“This in my view is distasteful but indicative of where his mind is.”



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