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“Don’t play cat and mouse games” DCI warns sexual mastermind suspect to surrender

The architect of the horrible sexual harassment incident that drew widespread condemnation has now been revealed, according to DC chief George Kinoti.

Undercover officers from the elite Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) and DCI Nairobi Regional Headquarters, according to Kinoti, honed down on the suspect, Zachariah Nyaora Obadia.

Using digital forensics, the sleuths collaborated with cybercrime experts at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory to scientifically put the thug at the scene of the crime.

Suspect Zachariah Nyaora Obadia

When they went after him on Tuesday afternoon deep in Mukuru Kaiyaba informal settlement, they were unable to apprehend him.

The guy eluded the DCI dragnet by a hair’s breadth, escaping into a sewer vent.

According to the DCI, the sexual assault suspect was positively recognized by his wife and other relatives.

“The suspect has also been positively identified by his wife and other relatives in his rural home, sexually assaulting the victim in the widely shared videotape. It is only a matter of time before we arrest him. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations is cautioning Zacharia Nyaora Obadia, not to engage detectives in cat and mouse games but to surrender at DCI headquarters or the nearest Police station within 24 hours.

Equally, his accomplices who were within the vicinity of the barbaric attack whether captured on the videoclip or not, have all been identified scientifically. They are hereby ordered to submit themselves at DCI headquarters before detectives catch up with them.”



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