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David Murathe: Raila Will Be President With Or Without Your Votes

Raila Odinga, the Azimio La Umoja flagbearer, will win the upcoming August presidential election, according to Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe, with or without votes from the Mt. Kenya region.

Murathe, speaking on Citizen TV’s News Night broadcast, stated that while Odinga came close to winning the election in the past, he lacked support from the Mt. Kenya region, and that his endorsement by President Kenyatta is a sure bet for the ODM leader to return to State House.

Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe

Murathe said:

“As far as we are concerned, Raila Odinga was at almost 50/50 with Uhuru Kenyatta… [yet] Raila never got Mt. Kenya votes meaning this time around, in the worst-case scenario, if Raila gets Mt. Kenya votes those are votes he never had but the rest of his vote basket is intact.”


“The only area which they thought they could remove is Western but Raila actually defeats Musalia Mudavadi in Western. Musalia’s own Governor and MCA are from ODM.”

The Jubilee Vice-Chairman implied that citizens in the populous Mt. Kenya region should vote for Odinga or risk being “consigned to the garbage” during the August 9 polls.

“This is the message to Mt Kenya… Raila is winning this election. They better decide whether he is winning with them onboard or without them on board. If Raila wins without them on board, they know they will be consigned to the dustbin,” Murathe stated

“We are telling the people of Mt Kenya… With or without your vote, under the current circumstances, Raila is going to be president because you can be sure Raila is going to get some votes in Mt. Kenya this time round.”

Reacting to perceived DP Ruto’s popularity in Mt. Kenya Region, Murathe said:

“They are trying to create a wave not necessarily for Mt. Kenya but for the rest of the country to confuse people, particularly their own backyards of the Rift Valley, that ‘look Mt. Kenya is with us, so you either join us or be out of government…These are clever optics… It is a voter turnout strategy which is very smart for Ruto.”




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