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83-old-man reunites with gamily after fleeing his two wives In 1973

Wilson Numbi Miatu, an 83-year-old man has reunited with his family after going missing for 49 years.
Miatu who went missing from his house in Kirinyaga in 1973 was found alive in Lamu County.
Reports indicate that, at 34, Wilson left his home in Kiamaciri village in Mwea-west Sub-county after selling his father’s land in Kiamaciri village and Kagio town.
Mzee Wilson Numbi Miatu at his Njegas village home in Mwea-west Sub-county. PHOTO: Citizen Digital
When he left home, his two wives, Mary Numbi and Milka Numbi, had ten children.
After his photo was posted on social media by health professionals, they located him in Mpeketoni, Lamu county, in a local hospital, according to his son, Paul Murimi, who was just three years old when his father went missing.
His eldest son told the media:
“I think my father thought he would die after spending money when he sold grandfather’s property.”
Mzee Miatu was allegedly carried to the hospital by a kind stranger and told physicians that his family lives in Kirinyaga.
“We feared that he might not be alive and gave up on searching for him as a family. He is a prodigal father, but we are happy to have found him and have forgiven him,” he added.
Miatu, who is sick, is currently residing in Njegas village with his wife Mary and eldest daughter, as his children, grandchildren, and relatives give him reunion visits.


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