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17 year old student confesses to killing taxi driver in Kiambu

A Kenya Certificate Secondary Education (KCSE) candidate has confessed to killing a taxi driver in Kiambaa, Kiambu county.

The student identified as Elijah, allegedly promised Stephen Kimani, 40, Ksh.30,000 if he consented to take him upcountry on February 11, a deal that ended fatally.

Elijah, 17, claimed to have a patient at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital who had been admitted for additional treatment, according to a police complaint.

They flew from Nairobi to Kisii on February 11th, arriving at the hospital at 9 a.m. on February 12th. Elijah called his contact, Maxwell Nyangoya, 22, while they were enjoying breakfast.

Nyangoya went on to claim that the patient’s relative, who was supposed to be caring for him, was unable to do so.

They sweetened the bargain by promising Kimani an extra Ksh.15,000, according to the confession.

They turned against the driver on the way and stabbed him in the neck and stomach, according to Elijah. They then dumped his body in a jungle in Kericho County’s Kipranya settlement.

The two were monitored using their mobile data by detectives from Kiambaa’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). Elijah’s house was where the stolen automobile was discovered. After being unable to dispose of it, he is thought to have driven it there.

“He confessed to killing Kimani jointly with another suspect. He led the officers to a thicket in Kipranya village where they dumped the body. Officers from Sondu collected the body from the scene. They also recovered Kimani’s motor vehicle, registration number KCW 782V,” said the report.

“The scene was visited and the body of the deceased found with a stab wound on the stomach and physical injuries on the chest, back and both hands.”

Elijah and Nyangoya are expected to face charges of murder, robbery with violence, and kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Kimani is set to be buried in Banana, Kiambu County.



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