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“Wenye Wivu wajinyonge!” Zari Hassan Confirms ‘Ben 10’ GK Choppa is Her Lover

After denying it several times saying they are just friends, finally Zari The Boss Lady is tired of hiding it as love is a cough and hiding it you can’t!

Zari has finally decided to blow herself up openly that the man who seems to be together most of the time is his current boyfriend.

“Habari ndiyo hiyo, wenye wivu wajinyonge!”

It should be noted that Zari is the co-parent of Bongo Fleva star, Diamond Platnumz who are fortunate to have two children; Tiffah Dangote and Prince Nillan.

Last weekend, Zari and her husband continued to pollute social media with sexually explicit images with GK Choppa who received Zari in Durban in South Africa.

Zari has continued to spark a conversation this time after exposing the man who has been hanging out with her amid similar allegations that he is also a Ben 10.

However, some people say that, Zari has reached the point of announcing his boyfriend after he failed to withstand the roar of Diamond rumors from romance with his artist, Zuchu.

As the news of Diamond and Zuchu continued to gain momentum, so did the news of Zari and the man also gaining momentum. Some believe that Zari is doing this to paralyze Diamond and Zuchu’s pain as he may have believed the relative would return to him.



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