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Top 10 Most Followed Kenyan Celebrities on Instagram in 2022

According to you, who is the most famous celebrity in Kenya on Instagram?

Currently, the most followed account worldwide is footballer Cristiano’s Instagram, with 402million followers.

Today, we take a look at the top 10 most popular Kenyan celebrity Instagram accounts in 2022.

Lupita Nyongo

The award-winning actress is among the first Kenyan celebrity to have a verified Instagram account and currently tops the list with a 9million following. She rose to stardom after winning an Oscar for Twelve Years a Slave, and as her star in Hollywood rises, the more people become hungry for more information about her; lifestyle, fashion sense, and friends, thus the increasing numbers on social media.

Eric Omondi

Coming in second is self-proclaimed president of comedy Eric Omondi with 3.8million followers. Eric won the hearts of many Kenyans after joining the cast of the Churchill Live show years ago. He has since continued gaining traction with his hilarious skits, online public stunts, and his popular reality show Wife Material.


Tanasha Donna

Aside from her stunning photos on Instagram, Tanasha Donna has become one of Kenya’s popular female artistes. Famed for her relationship with Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz and their hit song Gere, the singer comes in third with 3.5million followers keeping up with her life.


It’s no surprise that the self-proclaimed president of single mothers is among the top five on the list. The singer has 3.1million followers who seem to keenly watch out for her continuous advice on Instagram as she once said that everything she posts online about her life is true.


They call him Eastland’s most beloved, and that may be true as the singer boasts 3.1million followers on Instagram. Aside from his music, Bahati’s Instagram feed portrays a family man, with his gorgeous wife Diana Marua appearing in most posts. They have earned the title ‘couple goals’ several times, which could also contribute to his growing online presence.

Betty Kyalo

The celebrated media personality is one of the most active Kenyans on Instagram with a daily update of her life on the Insta stories. She currently has 2.9million followers, and this doesn’t come as a surprise as she was named as one of the most searched individuals on google for the last 15 years earlier this year.

Size 8

After getting born again and joining the gospel industry, singer Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size8reborn on Instagram, has continued to inspire many. She has 2.5million followers on the platform who keep up with her family and marriage life to popular Dj Moh.


From being a comedian to entrepreneur to radio presenter, among other titles, Jalango is one of the most influential people on social media. Born Felix Odiwour, the celebrity has 2.6million followers and has proved to be one of the most stylish personalities in Kenya.

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki

The comedian and radio presenter has entertained Kenyans for over 15 years with his popular show Churchill Live. Several comedians have attributed their success to him having given them a platform and mentoring their careers. He has 2.3million followers on Instagram.


She’s currently based in Dubai and continues to entertain her 2.2million followers with her sultry pictures and a life that many only dream of. From being popularly known as a socialite, Huddah followed in the footsteps of other international celebrity socialites and ventured into the cosmetics business.



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