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Singer Akothee Responds to Dennis Karuri’s Claims She is Rude

Akothee has responded to makeup artiste Dennis Karuri for calling her ‘rude’ client.

In her post, Akothee has termed Karuri as a clout chaser who is lying and tarnishing her name.

Akothee said she was dealing with her health and has left her legal team to handle the issue.

Here is what Akothee wrote.

“It’s easy nowadays. I am dealing with my health & how my money can work for me, I have no time for dealing with clout chasers, Someone will deal with it,” she wrote.

“I don’t need your private apology, just finish it the way you started it!

This time sickness has humbled me, sina Nguvu ya kupigana online! Naweza kuwa napigana na mchawi, aniregeshe kitandani. Eat your ice cream. There is no news. I will not build A brand to elevate your channels, just post your work and let my NAME REST. CALL POLICE.”

Dennis Karuri was speaking in an interview with Oga Obinna.

“She is the rudest client I have ever worked with. She roughed me up but I did my job diligently till the end. I suffered in her hands the whole day,” he said.

“After working on her makeup the whole day; you can imagine she told me I had smeared dust on her face. She was like ‘what are these dust that you have applied on me’?”



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