This is after reports emerged that President Uhuru Kenyatta would choose a deputy for Raila Odinga in the forthcoming elections.

In 2018, Atwoli said that President Kenyatta was too young to retire from politics after 2022.

“If we don’t amend this Constitution to accommodate all Kenyans, where will President Uhuru Kenyatta go after 2022, yet he is a young man? Ataenda kusumbua watu wengine (he will end up making others uncomfortable),” Atwoli stated.

{President Uhuru Kenyatta}

Reacting to the reports, Murkomen suggested that Atwoli might have been right all along.

“We must apologize to Atwoli&Murathe.They were all along the voice of a man who wants to succeed himself. BBI was the medium for which “KaPutin” was to be established. We were told he is “too young to retire.”In this elections President Uhuru is going for a 3rd term via a puppet,” Murkomen claimed.

During Jubilee Party’s Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting at State House on Friday, it was decided that Kenyatta would remain the party leader beyond 2022.