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Kambua Gets Emotional As She Celebrates Late Son’s 1st Birthday

Gospel singer Kambua has celebrated her late son Malachi’s birthday in an emotional post.

Sharing a picture of a cake with the baby’s name, a pair of shoes and flowers alongside it, Kambua wished she would be holding Malachi on his first birthday but made peace with the fact that he is being looked after by angels in heaven.

“Happy 1st birthday in heaven my precious Malachi. We’d have loved to hold you close today, but I know Jesus and the angels have smothered you with so much love and that gives us peace. You are forever loved,” she wrote.

Her son died in February 2021 following birth-related complications. She had promised to keep Malachi’s memory alive for as long as she lives.

“Our tears fall freely because our hearts are broken beyond words. But our faith and hope remains unshaken because we have our trust in a dependable God. A good, good Father. We may not know how to navigate the days ahead, but God does. And so we trust Him, a moment at a time. Malachi Manundu Muthiga Mathu. You were deeply loved, and will forever be remembered. Your Father, your mommy, and your brother Nathaniel, will carry you in our hearts always,” she said.

“Love lifts. Love has truly lifted me, from a place of deep pain & despair. The love of God, my keeper… The love of each and every one of you who cried with me, held me, prayed for me and my family. I can never thank you enough for walking this journey with us, with all its briars and thorns,” read part of her post.

To honour her promise of keeping her sons memory alive, the former TV presenter acquired a customized diamond ring to always remind her of her little angel.

“One of the things I really wanted to do after my baby boy got his angel wings was to get some memorial jewellery. I wanted something precious, but also functional. Something I could always wear and remember that Malachi was here,” she said.

Opening up on her healing journey a few months after her son’s demise, the award-winning singer revealed that she was trying her best to be okay explaining that the journey is anything but easy.

“Every day I’m learning that healing is not a destination, it’s a journey. I’m on a journey that I did not sign up for, but I’m braving it, every moment of everyday. Sometimes the waves of grief knock me off my feet, yet I know that they won’t always wash over me. I know that one day it won’t feel like I’m constantly navigating a minefield.

“One day it won’t feel like my heart is carrying a rock. But until then, I will be kind to myself, and allow myself to feel everything I’m feeling. I will allow my rock, Jesus, to carry me. So as you witness my brokenness, may you also witness my healing,” wrote Kambua.



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