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‘Divorcing MaryaPrude Was The Last Option’ – Willis Raburu Reveals He Tried Everything

Media Personality Willis Raburu has not moved on yet from his breakup with Marya Prude and the loss of his child.

“The reason a lot of people know about my relationships is because of social media. And looking back, if I had an option I wouldn’t have advertised my relationships on social media. Not only do you feel the heartache but it comes with embarrassment as well. Everyone is always gossiping about you…you’ll hear people whispering about. Divorce and child loss is something I wouldn’t wish even upon my worst enemy,” he added.

According to Raburu, divorcing Marya was his last option after trying everything to salvage their marriage. He had earlier disclosed that he regreted exposing his relationship with Marya Prude to the public and wished he could have kept it private.

“It was very difficult because when you decide to settle on divorce, it means you have tried so many other things like talking, therapy, tried going to church…But when it reaches a point where all your misunderstandings are pointed towards hurting your partner then it’s better to just stay as friends,” he explained.

He said that one of the issues in his marriage was that he bottled his problems,

“Bottling a lot of issues in marriage is not healthy. Men are told they need to be strong and not cry but in reality, I was sad and crying on the inside. When I left the house I used to cry as well. You can only be strong for so long as it is assumed men should be. But it reaches a point when you have had enough and can’t take it anymore. And when you reach the end, you start to be resentful towards your partner as they are towards you.”

At the end he couldn’t go on pretending that all was good,

“Personally I was thinking about my life…people know me, I am a Christian I go to church, people know my dad, people see me on TV, my marriage was on social media, couple goals and all then now divorce! At the end of it you have to count the costs, your sanity comes first and for the sake of peace both internally and externally divorce is the only option when you have reached the end.”



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