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Comedian Njoro: How I Became Broke After Wasting Sh. 4 million On Alcohol and Parties

Comedian Njoro also opened up about a life of parties and booze left him with a Sh. 4 million hole. In a radio interview with Massawe Japanni, Njoro said he had gone for three US trips and had earned Sh. 1.3 million in each.

“It was party after party for me. I had so much money at the time and I did not think it would ever run out. Hence, I blew it all and in no time, I was broke.”

In July this 2020, the comedian revealed that he had attempted suicide multiple times.

“You know, when you lose everything, you also end up losing the people you used to call your friends. I have tried to take my own life three times but by some miracle I failed in all my attempts. It must be God’s plan but truth be told, I am not well at all,” he said.

Njoro narrated that his troubles worsened after his father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He said that in October, November and December 2019, his mental state was so bad that he tried to drive his car off a cliff at the Rift Valley viewpoint area.

He was rescued by a truck driver who saw him in what looked like a state of confusion. Apparently, the truck driver attached a towing chain to his vehicle. “After I was done with my final prayer, I stepped on the gas but the car didn’t move an inch,” he said.

He further revealed that in his two other attempts, he had taken rat poison and slit his wrists. Njoro went on to plead for help to access a therapist. he also pleaded for job offers, saying that he was ready and willing to take up any job.

Former Churchill Show comedian Njoro the Comedian in 2021 landed a new job with Flamingo Radio. This opportunity came shortly after he came out of rehab. This was a major relief for a talent that has been troubled and depressed over the past few months.



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