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SAD! Stevo Simple Boy Is Back To The Streets After Being Dumped By Girlfriend

‘Mihadarati’ hit maker Stivo Simple Boy has been dumped by his girlfriend Pritty Vishy just days after Pritty exposed his management over alleged mistreatment.

Confirming the breakup, Pritty stated the breakup was due to the fact that the household artist listens to what his management says without questioning, even if it is against her.

“Assume one day God blesses us and we get married, what will happen to me? My in-laws will one day visit and ask him to send me away, and he will do it without objection,” she lamented.

She explained that her decision to let go of the three-year-old relationship is meant to help get over all that was going on around them. Pritty, however wished the Kibera based celebrity well as he continues to grind.

“I’m happy for you, thank you for the time that we have been together, and I pray that you get someone who will love you the way you are,” she said.

On Saturday, January 22 Pritty claimed that at some point in his career, Stivo signed a deal worth sh120,000 but was only given sh4,000.

“The management controls him a lot from his phone, Facebook and even his YouTube channel. After going viral, they have been mean to me, they now dislike me,” she stated.

She says Stivo has been cold on her after relocating from Kibera adding that the unfair treatment stemmed from their viral TikTok video.

The video introduced Pritty to the limelight contrary to the management’s wish as they did not want to expose Stivo’s personal life.

In the video which has since been deleted, the two lovebirds are seen spending time together while discussing their relationship with Pritty revealing that they have been together for seven years.



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