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Willy Paul Is Evil, He Is A Demon, He Is A Rapist & Tupatane Kwa Court – Diana Marua

YouTuber and rapper Diana Marua aka Diana B has come out to allege that musician Willy Paul attempted to rape her a few years ago.

In an emotional 26-minute’ video, Diana said that Pozze lied to the public that he slept with her, just to clout chase and push his Album.

“Your music career is sinking, things are not happening for your favour and then out of the blues you come and drag my name for your own benefit.

“Guys I have been silent for quite some time and but I’m going to release it out today. I have been keeping this for a very long time and I never imagined that at some point in my life I will be sharing this story,” said Diana Marua.

She went on state that she has been pushed to tell her side of the story after Willy Paul labeled some damning allegations against her in his diss-track.

“A few years ago, Willy Paul had pursued me for a while and it was becoming too much… there is this day that I was at a movie shop and he comes in and he is being all touchy, telling me too mambo to mingi.

“I have been pushed to talk about this and I want to tell my truth because so many women have come out to talk about the same thing that I went through but their voices were not heard. I will stand for my truth and have a voice and speak out for those women who have gone through what I have gone through,” narrated Diana Marua.

Adding that Willy Paul forced himself on her after refusing to accompany him to his house.

“He came on top of me and started pulling mu skirt up and tearing my top…I’m trying to scream for him to get off me. As I was screaming this guy was choking me… so eventually akaniondokea and that’s when I got the chance to open the door and run away.

My top and skirt zilikuwa zimeraruka…nilikua nakimbia kama mwendawazimu until I spotted a motorbike that helped get home.

I have been pushed to tell my story… Willy Paul you attempted to rape me,” alleged Diana Marua.



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