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Vera Sidika Lectures Kenyans Hating on Her Daughter After Revealing Her Face

Beautypreneur Vera Sidika has opted to square it out with her critic’s days after unveiling the face of her daughter Princess Asia Brown for the first time after two months.

In a series of posts, Ms Sidika said that a lot of people were hating on her daughter on grounds that she is not beautiful even before they could see her photos.

Many Kenyans were curious to see the face of Princess Asia given that Vera Sidika had gone through skin lightening procedures.

“Even if Asia came out black, Navy blue, Purple etc., whatever colour. She would still be the most beautiful baby ever. Her features are extraordinarily beautiful, her eyes, ears, nose, lips, nails omg,” wrote Vera Sidika.

Vera Sidika lectures her critics


The socialite went on to address critics who were alleging that they were hiding their daughter from the public because she is not beautiful.

“They said we are hiding Asia not showing her coz she is not beautiful as we expected.

“So we are embarrassed to post her. Ati that’s why I post other online babies. Not knowing Asia is extremely beautiful and we don’t wanna rush to post. We needed her to ourselves for 2 months before the world sees her. Oh my! From birth she was a stunner, you all should see her videos at the hospital. Gosh! Obsessed,” said Vera Sidika.

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Vera Sidika lectures her critics

Obsessed with Asia

Vera added that she has been obsessed with her daughter since the day she was born and always admiring her even in her sleep.

“I have been super obsessed with Asia since her birth. I stay up all night staring at her. I watch her sleep. Kiss her every second. Oh May, she is so beautiful, I wanna cry. God always come through especially when the whole world is against you and hating for no reason. He prepares a table and pours blessings. I have been looking for haters comments, I can’t even see one,” she added.

Vera Sidika lectures her critics

Face Reveal

Brown Mauzo and Vera revealed the face of their daughter for the first time on December 20, 2021.

“God has given His piece of heaven to us. Meet Asia Brown @princess_asiabrown 😍,” wrote Vera Sidika.

Asia Brown


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