ODM leader Raila Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja National Convention held at Kasarani Stadium has generated lots of buzz on social media.

The much-hyped event attracted the attention of many Kenyans with hundreds of thousands of people following the event live on TV.

At the same time, many talked about the event on social media.

One incident that has caused a heated debate on social media is a prayer made by Sheikh Juma Ngao.

In what appeared as a direct swipe at Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA party, Sheikh Ngao labelled the outfit as a corrupt alliance and asked God to keep them off from power.

Here is his prayer:

“Tunakuomba Allah uijalie Kenya iwe nchi ya amani. Tia mapenzi kwa wananchi wa Kenya ili twende kwa uchaguzi kwa amani na tusipigane wenyewe kwa wenyewe Allah. Tunakuomba Mzee wetu Raila Amollo Odinga umjalie ashinde uchaguzi unaokuja kwa kishindo. Kuliko chaguzi zote zillizopita. Tunakuomba Allah, wale wafuasi wa cha chama cha Ufisadi Daima Alliance, usiwape uongozi. Tunakuomba allah wale wafuasi wa cha cha Ufisadi Daima Alliance, usiwape uongozi. Tunakuomba Allah wale wafusi wa chama cha Ufisadi Daima Alliance, usiwape uongozi
(he repeated). Hao ni wafisadi, hao ni wauaji, wanachoma mpaka makanisa. Kuwapa uongozi ni kuiangazia kenya. Bariki Raila, Bariki Wakenya, Bariki Kenya a Kwa rehema zako allah tunakuomba utubariki.”

The prayer has caused massive debate on social media with allies of DP Ruto castigating him for politicising prayers.

“Shame on the Sheikh leading prayer in Azimio Convention. His reference to UDA as UFISADI DAIMA ALLIANCE has stripped the Azimio & Raila Odinga of all legitimacy, dignity & reverence. Such prayers are unIslamic, ungodly & tantamount to hate speech. God answer not hate prayers,” Mohamed Tache Dida tweeted.

Joseph Muhusa said; “the prayers by the Muslim servant of God calling the competitors of Raila as Ufisadi Daima Alliance is ridiculously misusing God’s word, Allah’s”.

Others agreed with the Sheikh saying he was right to make his wish clear.

“William Ruto has been calling Luos vile names in all his political rallies but when Sheikh Juma Ngao asks God to save us from those burning people in churches you suddenly want to pretend that you care for foul language? Pretenders are worse than murderers,” Gabriel Oguda wrote.

Mumbi was Mbui wrote: “the Muslim “profit” has prayed against the evil Ufisadi Daima Alliance (UDA) from taking over leadership. Walai may Allah reject those prayers”.