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Mum Get Well Soon First – Rue Baby Cancel Her graduation Party Over Akothee’s Health

Musician Esther Akoth aka Akothee has broken her silence after daughter Dion Aggry Okello alias Rue baby cancelled her planned graduation party without her knowledge.

The singer lamented that Rue is not picking her calls after postponing the upcoming event over her (Akothee) deteriorating health.

“One of my most difficult child ! You can’t dictate her ,she does her things her way, and it must be done her way ! Just like that this idiot postponed her graduation ceremony without telling me ! She ain’t picking my calls only texting mum get well soon first 🤔🤔Get well soon first,” said Akothee in part.

Akothee and Rue Baby

She went on to ask Rue to pick another date for the graduation party.

“So can someone tell to kindly give us another date of her preference then 🤷🙏. I want to celebrate her in a big way , asayi nyakwar ma , this are the only personal ceremonies for me 🙏,” she added.

On Tuesday, Rue Baby who graduated from Strathmore University with a degree in International relations, said that she had postponed her planed graduation party until her mother gets well.

@akotheekenya this is addressed to you. I know it comes as a surprise but you are not well yawa mama ni. Can someone just help me tie her up so that she gets better first … we can always do party later. @drofweneke help please . Until further notice,” reads Rue Baby’s post.

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Akothee and Rue Baby

On Monday, Rue Baby put up another message gushing over her mother Akothee, days after graduating from Strathmore University with a degree in International Relations.

“This day will forever be memorable to me my love @akotheekenya . As a single mother who has managed to raise her children well in this generation you deserve all the good things mama .. I am proud to make you proud . Congratulations on your second degree my love . Thank you for the opportunity to study and finish well. I love you @akotheekenya congratulations 🥰🥰🥰🥰,” wrote Rue Baby.

Akothee and Daughter Rue Baby and Vesha Okello


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