400 Maranda High School Students Sent Home Indefinitely

Maranda High School has sent Form Four students home indefinitely following a standoff between parents and the administration over the extra charges.

The parents, who were accompanying the students back to school tried to access the administration after disagreeing with the fines but were barred by security officers.

According to reports, every parent was required to pay Ksh10,000 for the construction of a dining hall, Ksh8,000 for the Board of Management (BoM) teachers and Ksh2,500 as a fine for a dormitory that was destroyed in a recent fire at the school.

400 Maranda High School Students Sent Home Indefinitely

A parent at the school who spoke to the media expressed his anger at the directive that their children would not be readmitted without paying the fees.

He revealed that the administration had threatened to prevent any student who fails to pay the fines from sitting for the upcoming national examinations.

“Imagine going back with my son when I have cleared school fees. The administration asked for Sh2,500 as a fine for the burnt dormitory. Why are we then being compelled to pay for a Harambee which we were told is voluntary?” he posed.

Another parent stated that they had agreed in principle with the school to pay a fine of ksh2,500 for the construction of the dining hall.

Other parents stated that the school failed to issue clear communication before reopening the school after the fire incident.

“The drama would have been avoided if there was proper planning on the side of the Maranda School administration on how the boys would be received,” the parent said.

Despite the parents’ presence at the school, the administration failed to respond to their concerns.

A teacher who spoke to Nation claimed that the situation was fueled by anxiety and tension ahead of the national examinations.

There are reports of some boys being caught attempting to burn a makeshift dormitory on the evening of Tuesday, November 30.

If true, it means the incident happened just days after students resumed learning.

Maranda High School was closed on November 8 following a fire incident that saw a dormitory razed down.

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