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SK Macharia Reveals He Went to US by Bus, with only KSh 1200 in His Pocket

Samuel Kamau “SK” Macharia is a man who needs no introduction within the confines of the Kenyan borders, and for a good reason.

This is because the entrepreneur boasts owning one of the best-performing media companies in the country; Royal Media Services.

As much as most of those in the current generation revere him, a few are conversant with his journey from abject poverty to expansive wealth.

He was recruited into Kenyatta government

At a recent event attended by top government officials, entrepreneurs, and youngsters seeking to be part of change in the country, the billionaire waxed nostalgic about his humble beginnings.

He remembered that in 1968, he was recruited from a US university to come work for the Kenyatta government.

According to him, the youngsters who were assembled took their jobs diligently and worked in tandem to build the country towards prosperity.

“We never left jackets on the seat, and even when we were given the freedom to do business we still worked our normal shifts including weekends,” he said.

SK advised those in parastatals to serve with humanity and keep off public finances because they are meant to grow the economy and not enrich a few individuals.

He travelled to the US by bus

Perhaps, the most sentimental moment was when he went back to where it all started; getting an education in America before his recruitment.

The 78-year-old explained that he was born and brought up in a poor family and had to struggle through life to earn the education.

“I went to the US by bus. It took me nine months, with KSh 1,200 and left my father and three sisters without a piece of land in the village,” he remembered.

He took a trip down memory lane to how the long journey kicked off at Ambassador Hotel in Nairobi and took months to get to Benghazi, and finally Seattle.

The media mogul also revealed that he worked as a sweeper at Boeing to raise money for his school fees.

Takes care of his sister

SK has in the past revealed that his parents were forced to marry off his sister to a man who would pay his primary school fees.

As a result, she never received formal education and cannot speak English, but he ensures she is well taken care of because she sacrificed her education for his sake.

“She says that she did not learn anything and she cannot hear English because of me. But I take care of her 100%,” he said.



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