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Kakamega man Who Left Home 47 Years Ago angry after his two wives remarried

An 84-year-old man from Kakamega has sent social media ablaze after he opened up about his bitterness on returning home after 47 years only to find out that his two wives whom he left behind had moved on and remarried.

Peter Oyuka says he left home in search of greener pastures in 1974 aged 37 but was shocked to find a disintegrated family at his Makele Village home.

Oyuka is said to have returned to Kakamega five years later in 1983 but never went home to visit his family.

He also visited Kakamega in 1992 and 1996 without going to check on his family. It was during his absence that his two wives found new partners and settled into their current marriages.

“I wish my two wives well in their marriages. However, I’d like them to know that I’m still alive and that they should create time and visit me,” a disappointed Oyuka told a local media outlet.

While he was absent in Kakamega, Oyuka found himself a Tanzanian woman to warm his bed and together they sired a son whom the 84-year-old claims he hasn’t seen in years.

“My lover from Tanzania cut communication with me. She has not allowed me to see our son,” he explained.

Comming to Oyuka’s aid was his 53-year-old son Aggrey Osanji who saw his father in a viral social media post and made contact, taking him home.

According to the dictates of Luhya tradition, a  white goat will be sacrificed to appease the spirits before Oyuka is fully welcomed back to his home.



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