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Family of Nakuru Doctor Says He Didn’t Kill His Children

The family of James Gakara has refuted allegations that the Nakuru based doctor killed his children and then attempted suicide.

The children, Dylan Gakara, 5, and daughter, Karuana Gakara, 3, were found dead inside their Milimani home, while their father lay unconscious.

Speaking to the press on Monday, September 20, 2021, the doctor’s sister, Mary Gakara, stated that the report presented to them by the police did not add up. She alleged foul play in the matter.

File image of Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri. |Photo| Courtesy|

She was very shocked upon learning about the death of her nephew and son in the news.

“I know my brother very well. He would do anything to protect his children. He is also not the kind of person to commit such an act.

“He loves his family and we have never heard of any differences between my brother and his wife. They have always been happy,” she was quoted by Nation as saying.

Preliminary police investigations stated that the doctor injected the minors with drugs before attempting suicide.

Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri noted that used syringes and an assortment of drugs were discovered in the room were the children’s bodies lay.

“The girl’s bedroom had a sharpened knife indicating that if they didn’t die from the drugs their murderer would have probably killed them using the knife,” Kiraguri stated.

She further noted that the children’s bodies had no physical injuries.

Ms Gakara urged the police to further probe the incident, stating that the family suspects someone else may have committed the murders.

“Someone wants to frame him in the murders. We want the investigations expedited and everything should be done thoroughly,” she said.

Ms Gakara raised concerns as to why police officers failed to contact any family member before moving the bodies of the children from the crime scene.

“The police told us that my brother had confessed to killing his children but some of those who were at the scene said that he was unconscious when he was picked up and taken to hospital,” she noted.

She revealed that his brother loved his family and had not informed her of any troubles.

Friends an neighbours remained shocked by the incident, especially the uncertainty surrounding the deaths.

A friend of doctor Gakara revealed that they hang out together the day before the incident.

“We had dinner together a day before, and there was no sign that he was disturbed. In fact, we had been talking about expanding our businesses and so this story about him attempting suicide, does not add up,” the doctor said.

Doctor Gakara is admitted to the ICU at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital whereas the children’s bodies were moved from the Nakuru City Morgue to PNN Funeral Home.



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