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Tired Nairobians attack Nairobi CBD fraudsters, steal all their valuables [Video]

Fraudsters who are known to operate within Nairobi CBD were today chased from Archives the city centre by citizens.

The group is known to lure its unsuspecting victims using free merchandise before conning them out of their hard earned money.

Fed up Nairobians attacked the group on Monday morning by pelting stones at them and the vehicle which is used to store the ‘free goodies’.

The team was forced to scamper for safety as Kenyans smashed their car windows in the early morning scuffle.

Eyewitnesses said that the group was also robbed of phones and laptops during the dramatic chase.

According to those at the scene, the attack was triggered by a woman who started screaming that she had lost Sh30,000 to the cons.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has previously warned Kenyans about the gang which operates along routes with high foot traffic such as Archives, Tom Mboya Street and River Road.

Police officers have descended on the group several times which eventually makes its way back on the streets after numerous arrests.

Whereas detectives and general duty police officers have previously arrested the fraudsters after receiving complaints from victims, they (victims) hardly show up at the police stations or DCI offices to file formal reports, thus weakening the evidential aspect upon arraignment of the suspects,” the DCI explained in a past statement.

How the scam works

They persistently lure their victims by blocking their path and promising freebies for participating in the fake promotion mainly targeting mobile phone owners.

One is given a scratch card which sometimes contains a gift which is offered in exchange of a registration fee. Most of their products given and usually fake and unsuspecting Kenyans pay the money.

They also claim to assist mobile phone users to upgrade their sim cards and obtain sensitive information about their targets.

Unknowingly, the victims allow access to their mobile money or mobile banking accounts after which the frauds drain the target’s hard earned cash.



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