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Omosh Responds to Jalang’o and those criticizing him

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh has responded to those criticizing him for seeking help, a few months after Kenyans came to his rescue, stating that money cannot last forever.

Speaking during an interview with a local radio station, Omosh acknowledged receiving money from Kenyans a few months ago, but noted that he had a lot of debts and expenses which the money catered for.

He further noted that some of the people who pledged to support him, did not fulfill their pledges.

Regarding the specific amount that he received, Omosh did not give a straight answer, claiming that he did not record every cash that was sent to him since some of the moneys came and immediately addressed pressing needs that were existing back then.

As to how much money he has remained with, Omosh said it is less than one hundred thousand.

“Kulikuwa na mashimo ilikua inaziba na ikizibwa na wale wengine walisema watachomoa sio wote walichomoa wengine ilikua tu PR…I had so much debt …Mimi ata ukinipatia doo, doo huisha lakini ukinipatia job, naweza jisustain.

“I can’t account for how much I received…Pesa nimebaki nayo si mingi… Haijafika laki moja…Mahitaji ni mingi, boma ni mbili, wake ni wawili, wototo wengine wako shule,” he said.

On Friday, popular comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o took a swipe at Omosh following his plea for additional help, noting that the latter received more than a million shillings from a fundraiser at his show.

“Some people can never learn! I can assure that Omosh got more than Sh 1 million from my show,” Jalang’o wrote. “Personally in cash he got more than 700k then the people who sent money directly to him!

Jalang’o’s remarks were echoed by city politician Alinur Mohammed who expressed his disappointment at Omosh’s latest action.

“This is unbelievable…Unfortunately, once I have sacrificed and helped you only to realize that you took my efforts for granted, I can never help you again,” he posted.

Reacting to this group, Omosh noted that they should not be angry at him, adding that he is telling the truth regarding the money given to him and how it was spent.

“Wanakasirika ya nini? Kuongea uwongo siongei mi ni Mkristo. Kama ni kukasirika asikasirike na mimi hakuna haja kukasirika na mimi…Mtu asikasirike, mi ni kushukuru nashukuru,” he said.



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