Body of Elijah Obuong, one of the Kitengela 4 victims stolen from his grave

The body of Elijah Obuong, one of the 4 criminals who were abducted in Kitengela and killed, has been exhumed.

According to the police, Obuong’s mother, Caroline, lead a team of six others in exhuming the body of her deceased son who was buried last month.

They later re-buried the coffin and wrapped it with a polythene bag before driving to an unknown destination with the body.

Kisumu County Commander, Samwel Anampiu, confirmed the incident and said the motive of the mission is still unknown.

He further added that the matter is under investigation to establish where the body was taken.

Last month, Caroline denied that her son was a criminal.

She said he was a staunch Adventist and just a victim of circumstance.

“My son was a staunch Adventist and did not take alcoholic drinks.

“He only had friends of questionable character. It is painful.

“It is cruel and merciless to kill such an innocent, harmless person.

“My firstborn son has died a cruel death leaving his only other brother and us,” she said in an interview last month.

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