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2022 Presidential Candidate Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi finally speaks over his alleged nude video

Presidential Candidate Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi has finally broken his silence following the virality of his alleged nude video, that painted him in bad light.

In a statement via his Facebook page, the former Secretary-General of UNCTAD dismissed the video in question, stating that it had been photoshopped by his political competitors to taint his image and character.

Dr. Kituyi went on to say that the video doesn’t not in any way depict the true representation his private organs. He also asked his supporters to ignore the video.

“I, therefore, dismiss the photoshopped edited video doing rounds on social media purporting to expose my private parts. It doesn’t in any way whatsoever depict the true representation of my private organs. I want to distance myself from such false and untrue malicious stories destined at killing my political career,” said the statement in part.

The statement come days after Kituyi deactivated his official Twitter Handle under unclear circumstances.

Deactivated Twitter

On Friday, the former MP pulled a fast one on the online community after he opted to leave Twitter, where he had been made a topic of discussion.

The handle that was formerly ascribed and verified under his name “Dr Mukhisa Kituyi” went dark with Twitter reporting: “This account does not exist”.

It would seem that the diplomat was overwhelmed by the attention his Twitter handle was receiving with various users tagging him on their comments.

The account which mainly tweeted details of his political and professional opinions had thousands of followers before he deactivated it.

Dr Kituyi had remained mum even as his political allies condemned the publication of such a compromising video of the former Member of Parliament (MP).



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