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Nairobi: House Help Stabs Employers Children After Being Fired

A family in Donholm, Nairobi is calling on the police to arrest a house help who they had employed accusing her of stabbing their two children.

Videos shared on Facebook bringing attention to the matter showed the two boys in hospital receiving treatment.

Both had been bandaged following the wounds they had suffered at the hands of the house help identified as Gladys Naliaka.

Neighbours who had helped take the children to the hospital asked police to intervene and expedite the search for the arrest of the alleged suspect.

In 2018 a Nairobi mum shocked the country after sharing CCTV footage of the house help assaulting her one-year-old child.

Millicent Njeru, shared videos of the nanny pinching, slapping and kicking the toddler during a feeding session in the family living room.

“This is what my baby has been undergoing through (sic). The footages are for yesterday and Monday. Update **I saw these footages yesterday and called Police. Her case will be mentioned tomorrow at Makadara law courts,” Milicent said.



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