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It’s not over until God says it’s over- Survivor Jahmby Koikai narrates being sick for 19 years

Celebrated Media Personality Jahmby Koikai opened up on the struggles she has been through in life, revealing that she has been sick for 19 years and Jobless for the last 6 years.

Ms Koikai said that through all the ups and downs, she learned to trust in God as “It’s not over until God says it’s over”.

She also pointed out that she has been cancelled on many occasions, but God keeps on surprising her in ways she can’t even explain.

 Jahmby Koikai

Great Testimony

“My life is a great testimony that God is still in the business of restoring His people.

I’ve been sick for over 19years and jobless for the last 6years. I’ve questioned God so many times and everytime I was led to patience through God’s answers. His timing reminds me that His promises never fail. It also led me to a space of worship and God’s presence.

I’ve always loved doing radio. It felt like I’d never come back. I’d been written off good and proper. I have been called a ‘legend’ as a way of sending me into oblivion. But I’m LEGENDARY and I’m GREAT. I can do all things through Christ. Phil 4:13”

I’d also love to do TV news one more time, for my mom😊❤” reads Jahmby Koikai’s post in part.

Media Personality Jahmby Koikai
Media Personality Jahmby Koikai

Radio Comeback

Koikai who is making a Radio come back via Trace Radio (Trace na Doba show) after 6 years added;

There are many people in the same space of battling sickness, unemployment, despair, hopelessness, loneliness. Your tears are not in vain. What you lost will be replaced with something greater. God sees and hears you”

“This season of being back home and Covid hasn’t been easy for me but God had people in mind to stand with me. To my brothers @captrubani1 @abelmutua @mechemmy and the one and only Steve Mbugua @ogkagz and my family @thisisthenest have come through for me in some amazing ways I can never explain. Na boy wangu wa mtaa ya mayolo @slyddan mtu yangu umekuwa mtrue. @okerekechika and many other people who’ve also come through for me.

@abelmutua na jeshi yote ya Wakurugenzi mazeee mbarikiwe tu sana.

Media Personality Jahmby Koikai Media Personality Jahmby Koikai

Fam, God will send people to come through for you. Keep the faith, hope and courage.

This is for every ghetto youth who’s ever been written off. It’s not over until God says it’s over. Special dedication song by @jahlilmusicja One Right, One wrong.


Faya Mama as most reggae lovers know her was in the USA for 2 years (since February 2018) where she was receiving endometriosis treatment. She has been battling the disease from age



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