A Nyeri-based Nyeri man, Alex G Ndiritu, who went viral after calling on African Americans to burn the White House has now complained that US detectives are hunting him down with the intention of tracking his movement.

Ndiritu said he did not have any intention of inciting violence when he commented on a live video about protesters burning down a Minneapolis police precinct over the shooting of George Floyd.

When I commented on the burning White House, I was not being serious because it was a protest tweet which I did not think would go far but someone took advantage and shared the screenshot,” he stated.

Ndiritu condemned the US government’s failure to protect black lives and noted that they were taking his comment made in jest more serious than the actual death of unarmed black American men.

I decided to tweet because it was too much. It is very painful to realize that it is a government official who did that act (killing George Floyd). It is too hurting.”

Yesterday, I was not accepting friend requests on Facebook. It was a bit scary. I was fearing that intelligence. Just a friend request and then they start tracing you through that. If they took interest with my comment, that tells you that there is no information that goes to those offices that does not reach the president of that country,” he said.

Ndiritu called on the Kenyan security agencies to intervene and ensure his security is not threatened from the many fake accounts that are riding on his newfound fame to incite the burning down of the White House.

The US President’s official residence is on high alert with fears that protesters may target it.