Health CS Mutahi Kagwe on Friday announced that the Kenyan citizen who tested positive for coronavirus had provided a list of contacts of all the people she had interacted with since arriving in Kenya on March 5th.

Kagwe made the announcement shortly after announcing to the country the first case of the deadly virus.

He congratulated the patient’s handling of the disease, saying she was quick to take herself to hospital after suffering the symptoms.

We really want to thank this lady because the moment she felt slightly unwell, she took herself to hospital. She also gave a list of all the people she was in contact with since arriving, as well as their contacts,” Kagwe stated.

The government is in the process of tracking down all those individuals through a response team that will observe them for 14 days and subject them to mandatory quarantine.

We have a response team that is tracking down all those people including all the passengers who were in her flight. They will be monitored for 14 days and subjected to quarantine and quarantine is not a request it is a must – if you do not self quarantine, we will have to take you to a controlled facility,” the Health CS said.