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Family Disowns Daughter On Newspaper For Being Lesbian


Nigerian family has disowned their daughter as she planned to get married to another woman in the country.

The Shoremi Family decided to disown Shalom Shoremi via a public notice on a local newspaper. The notice included an image of the disowned lady in question.

According to the notice, Shalom had requested for a special marriage license at the Federal Marriage Registry to allow her to consummate a same-sex marriage. The request was denied as it was against the Marriage Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The same-sex marriage probation act of 2014 declares such a union illegal in the country and states 14 years imprisonment for those accused of being in same-sex relationships.

Shalom’s family went ahead to disassociate itself from her move to apply for the marriage and severed ties with her. They added that she wouldn’t be entitled to anything from the family inheritance.



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