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This Woman Got tired of Men And Married Her Dog in Colorful Wedding

Dunia na maajabu yake


A British woman married her dog on a daytime talk show and we’re here for it

After giving up on dating men, a 49-year-old woman said “screw it” and married her dog. Elizabeth Hoad and her golden retriever Logan “wed” on British daytime talk show This Morning, and we put “wed” in quotes because we seriously hope it’s not like, legally binding.

Hoad has one 25-year-old son, but says she’s never had a lasting romance. In the last few years she says she’s been on 221 dates and girl, woof, we’d marry our dog too if we had to endure that noise.

“I tried every app. MillionaireMatch, Tinder, but it don’t have any luck. Maybe it’s me?” Hoad said on the show (via NY Post).

“Older men [want] the younger woman and vice versa. I’ve had younger men asking me out but it’s just not right.”

She said the last straw was when she briefly dated a guy she met online, only to later find out that he was married.

Source: scarymommy



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