MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto, commonly referred to as Tanga Tanga MPs, have planned a retreat in Naivasha set to begin on Monday.

The Building Bridges Initiative report is set to form the agenda of the retreat after the MPs made their first appearance at the BBI rally held in Mombasa over the weekend.

Speculation also indicates that the MPs are set to begin advocating for the return of the Bomas Draft ahead of the 2022 poll.

Tanga Tanga MPs next Step after Mombasa BBI rally

Is it a PG or Tanga Tanga meeting?

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, who is said to be one of the organizers of the retreat, created confusion over the purpose of the meeting by stating that it would be a Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting.

“We are gearing up for the first official Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting since the release of the BBI report. We shall come up with the official Jubilee position on the BBI scenarios to be presented to Senator Yusuf Haji’s team,” he stated.

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa claimed that the meeting would be centred around DP Ruto and the party’s planned approach to the BBI agenda.

“We will bond, plan on how to strengthen the party, scheduled BBI sensitization meetings, plan economic empowerment meetings with regions similar to the Sagana meeting, and also most importantly evaluate our numbers in the Senate and National Assembly of those behind William Ruto,” the legislator stated.

Tanga Tanga MPs plan retreat in Naivasha after attending Mombasa BBI rally
Tanga Tanga MPs next Step after Mombasa BBI rally

150 Jubilee party MPs are expected to attend the meeting with some of the MPs allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta vowing to skip the meeting.

“I cannot attend such a meeting convened by the party. I don’t subscribe to their approach to issues,” Kieni MP Kanini Kega told reporters.

Jubilee party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju dismissed claims that the meeting would be a PG stating that the party leader, President Kenyatta, is required to attend and convene such meetings and he had not issued communication to that effect.