President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday singled out Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri for his frequent attacks on the head of state.

Ngunjiri, a card-carrying member of the Tanga Tanga squad, appears to have incensed the President to the extent of Kenyatta speaking publicly about the legislator’s words.

I was In Nakuru for another project and I decided to pass by here and greet you. I wanted to know if it is you people who send your MP to insult me. I don’t know what I did to him but every time I see him on TVs and newspapers he is insulting me and he says he has been sent by the people of Bahati, do you send him? By show of hands I want you to confirm that you do not send him.

Stop insulting me – Uhuru warns Tanga Tanga MP

Let him do his work and I will do mine. He is always shouting that things are very bad on the ground and I wanted to know if I have wronged you people. I will come back to spend a full day with you so we can discuss development issues,” Kenyatta told a public meeting in Bahati constituency.

The President’s sentiments marked the first time he had singled out politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto who he has in the past criticised in general terms.

Kenyatta added that his unity bid with ODM leader Rails Odinga was unstoppable as he was committed to leaving a united country upon his retirement.

Your MP is always saying I should not work with certain people but please talk to him so he can understand I was elected to unite 47 million Kenyans so that even when I leave office, our people will not be slashed with pangas because of politics,” the President stated.