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Shock in Kiambu as Mugumo tree grows on church rooftop

Maajabu haya!!

Africa Independent Church of Kenya [Photo: Courtesy]

A church service in Gituamba village, Lari, Kiambu County, came to a halt after members noticed a Mugumo tree growing on the roof of the church building.

The incident at Africa Independent Church of Kenya saw curious onlookers flock the church’s premises, while others scattered.

The church’s lead pastor, Zachary Ndugire, said he was shocked by the tree.

“I could not believe it when I heard that there was a Mugumo tree that has grown on the roof. I am sure God is sending us a message. I will start praying and fasting to get the real revelation. It has never happened and it is shocking”, said the pastor of the church that was established in 1998.

Africa Independent Church of Kenya [Photo: Courtesy]

Some of the church members said they have now become prayer warriors since they fear the tree could signal a calamity might befall them soon. Daniel Ng’ang’a Waithaka, a Kikuyu elder, said that the tree will not be cut down because it was “planted by God.”

“This tree was planted by God and no one should dare touch it because the tree and the church belong to God. We will conduct a ceremony to bless this tree and are urging the church leadership not to cut down this tree because we don’t want a curse to befall us. When we received the news, we hurriedly went to the church to conduct an inspection and it was confirmed that it was indeed a Mugumo tree. This is a symbol of blessings and we should be careful not to trigger a curse.

He added that: “In our tradition, women are not allowed to go near a Mugumo tree, but in this case, they should not be afraid because this is a house of God. All is well and we are waiting for God to give us direction”.

Some of the Kikuyu elders inspect a fig tree

In the last two weeks, two Mugumo trees have fallen in Nyeri County, causing concern and Peter Kamuri, the pastor in charge at AIPCK Gituamba church, said the ‘sacred tree’ has done wonders because the sick have been healed since the tree was discovered.

“People in this area and nearby towns no longer go to the hospital because there is a healing power here. We have seen the hand of God and miracles are happening. The tree growing on the roof is not something that we are afraid of because all that we see are blessings. God had a good reason planting it on the roof. I have told the church members not to be afraid and wait for God’s voice. We pray to God to show us what this means.

“We are sure that one day God will reveal to us the reason for the growth of this sacred tree adjacent to the cross. God is powerful, so don’t be surprised if the tree continues growing without destroying the church. We are privileged to witness this miracle because nowhere in the world have we heard of this before”, he added.

Sarah Muthoni, a church member, said that, “When I saw the tree, I was really afraid, but our pastor and elders have encouraged us not to be scared because, through the tree, God is working miracles. We hope that nothing bad will come out this”.



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