Miguna Miguna has responded to Citizen TV presenter Yvonne Okwara’s surprising take on his stand-off with the Kenyan government.

The journalist elaborated on the “pettiness” of the government’s various efforts to prevent Miguna from returning to Kenya.

She termed the Red Alert, the order to get a new passport and the apparent refusal to obey court orders as a “baffling, needless standoff”.

She further appealed for consideration of Miguna’s human rights and obedience to court orders in what was a surprising statement given that Miguna has criticized her in the past.

Citizen TV presenter Yvonne Okwara terms government actions against Miguna Miguna as baffling and unnecessary

“Is Miguna the most likeable person? Perhaps not. Is he abrasive? Sometimes. Has he criticized everyone, including me? Certainly! Do I like or agree with everything he says? No. But what has all that to do with anything or this case?

“Let’s do the right thing. Let Miguna come back home to the country of his birth. Let him speak his mind, if you don’t like it…tough. If you’re offended by it, sue him,” Yvonne reasoned.

Miguna responds to Yvonne Okwara

Through his official Twitter handle, Miguna thanked the news anchor for her sentiments and went on to elaborate on his fear that the government is plotting against him.

“Thanks Yvonne Okwara for your take. In view of how my house was destroyed, I was abducted, detained, tortured and forcefully removed from Kenya, if I travelled without informing the public, the despots can simply get rid of me at arrival and deny that I ever travelled,” Miguna tweeted