Cyrus Jirongo on Wednesday attacked the personality of Deputy President William Ruto while recounting their relationship which started thirty years ago.

Jirongo headed the infamous YK92 youth lobby group that campaigned for President Daniel arap Moi in the 1992 elections.

Ruto started his journey to politics as a YK92 youth winger and would later get a lucrative business tender awarded to him by Jirongo.

The former Lugari MP claimed that Ruto was “not a human being but something else”, saying he had a ruthless personality that sought to achieve personal goals at whatever cost.

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Ruto was not in the official YK92, he was a part of young men who used to hang around KICC buildings and would assist us in doing errands. He was later brought to me by Fred Amayo who, despite my reluctance to give Ruto a job, pleaded with me until I agreed to give him a Sh1 million tender to supply campaign tee shirts.”

I would later notice some small red flags. For instance, the tender I had given him was for supply of 10,000 tee shirts but he delivered a thousand tee shirts, bribed my store keepers and kept delivering and returning the same package ten times. In other times, money would go missing from my office only for it to be discovered in his car,” Jirongo said.

Despite the challenges, the businessman added that he gave his friend other chances, including co-founding a business with the man would become a DP many years later.

We put together a business called Venture Africa. I went to CMC got 12 vehicles and paid the loan repayment for a whole year. He was to work for the whole year with the hope the business would start repaying its debt in the second year.”

The business picked up well and our cars were very busy but after a year when I went to collect the money, he told me we had only a million shillings. When I investigated, I found out he had started his own company called Priority which had been receiving payments while using cars owned by the company we jointly owned,” he claimed.

Jirongo warned Kenyans not to entrust Ruto with power, while referencing the DP’s 2022 presidential ambitions.

This is a leader of darkness. This pattern of criminal deception is his style of doing things. Amaco Insurance is winding up because he started it for purposes of conning people. The company has never paid a single claim and most of the parastatals had taken cover with Insurance in the first term (2013-2017). They received billions but have never honored a single claim. Now it has been declared bankrupt because that money went elsewhere,” the former MP stated.

The Deputy President has in the past dismissed claims made against him by Jirongo, whom he accuses of being jealous of his success.

Jirongo sits and wonders how his former errands boy is not the DP. I told him early on this thing is about proper planning,” Ruto said in 2017.