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Betty Kyallo’s sister tackles Ken Mijungu, Okari

Betty Kyallo’s sister tackles Ken Mijungu, Okari [ Photo: Instagram @kenmijungu/mercykyallo/dennisokari]

The saga surrounding Betty Kyallo’s thanksgiving message following her daughter’s hospitalization in 2019 after suffering from acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) has on January 1, 2020, taken a new twist.

This is after her sister Mercy Kyallo in a no holds barred Instagram message took on NTV journalist Ken Mijungu over his explosive December 31 rejoinder where he claimed that Betty deliberately ignored to mention the assistance offered by the father of the child, Dennis Okari.

“This is disappointing, I would urge for all intended purposes everyone attacking, bullying and with no substance coming at my sister Betty to first read and digest what it is that she has posted on her platform. The message that has been lost. That as we wrap up last year and reflect upon it, she chose to give thanks to God and appreciated her tests and accomplishments.

“Ken, you cannot force a thank you, maybe that is why the old Swahili saying “Tenda Wema nenda Zako”. You wrote her a disrespectful message asking her why she hasn’t thanked Dennis and you in her post, really? Looks like you are still seriously “keeping up”,” responded Mercy.

According to Mercy, Mijungu’s post bore the hallmarks of a carefully crafted ploy and denied claims made by the Sidebar host that Okari was by her daughter’s bedside the entire period she was admitted at Nairobi Hospital.

She reiterated that whilst they contributed towards the hospital bill, it was disrespectful for him to air out the information to the public.

“Dennis, I could see your handwriting everywhere, last time we met, you took over my night shift and offered to sleepover with the baby. We thought to ourselves as a family that – you are a stranger – you and Naomi were both strangers to us but it was your right as a father, a kind gesture and we respected that. But after that you left, not a phone call or a message, yes you gave your contribution to our 9m+ ( yes correction 9m+) bill but never turned back to know if and how we left the hospital. We were in the hospital for four months, you came around for four weeks then disappeared,” she stated.

Betty Kyallo’s sister tackles Ken Mijungu, Okari [Photo: Instagram @mercykyallo/bettymuteikyallo]

“Ken, It is distasteful that you would take the responsibility to lay public our hospital bill & allude that you (& team) contributed the heavier chunk, which nothing is further from the truth. Do you even know about after-care that is still ongoing? We had a home nurse and had a physiotherapist visit every day (Sh 3000) per day. You found us at the ICU having gone through the toughest”.

Training her guns on Okari, the advertising guru rubbished assertions that her sister threatened him and his pal, Mijungu.

“Dennis you had not seen your daughter’s face in years. You left us at the ward before she could even regain her cognitive abilities never to be seen & heard from again. If you would like to talk about it do it on your platform. Respectfully. How dare you call the police, saying Betty has threatened you, two men, after you wrote her such a disrespectful message? Wow.”

According to Mijungu, Betty Kyallo ‘deliberately exposed his best friend Dennis as an irresponsible father’ with the New Year’s Eve Facebook post in which she revealed that the rare autoimmune disease sank Ivanna into a deep coma and was on life support for a month.

“While she has the right to post anything about Ivanna and her challenges this year and thank God for it, she inevitably and deliberately exposed my best friend Dennis as an irresponsible father. From the responses, you guys have bashed Deno for no reason and I know Betty will not correct it so I will…

“For every single day that followed from that day on Okari was at the hospital day and night with his daughter. We raised funds to offset a 7M + bill. Okari only came to work when he could and our boss understood for all those months. To deliberately paint him as irresponsible is immoral my friend. You don’t have to correct the impression you have created,” wrote Mijungu.



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