Most dangerous detective Detective explains How She Survived After Being on DCI’s Wanted List

Three months ago, Director of CriminaI Investigation – DCI, issued a ‘wanted’ circular and attached a warrant of arrest against top private investigator Jane Wawira Mugo.

Through her YouTube channel Machampali Media on December 25, the detective revealed that her life was in danger after being listed as a wanted criminal.

“I am not surprised because I saw it coming since I was working on a sensitive matter, and the matter is touching on some senior government officials. I found out that the person behind it was an officer whom I had a rivalry with who was behind it all,” she claimed.


“I got information that officers had been tasked with kidnapping me or my children. I also feared that an officer who is compromised might shoot me when I’m walking in a shopping mall,” she stated.

She reported the matter to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNHCR) who forwarded the case to the DCI.

Mugo stated that she lost business when she was portrayed as a criminal but after the matter was resolved she got clients.

She stated that she is keen to keep away from those that touch on high-level individuals.

“I look at cases and if a client brings me a case where a CS is mentioned or a senior police officer, I refer to others who might help. Right now I am keeping away from those cases,” she stated.

Watch the video here:

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