Governor Mike Sonko’s government has announced an increase in parking fees in Nairobi County.

Motorists will pay double what they used to pay from December 4 as per the new regulations.

Initially, parking cost Ksh200 but motorists will fork out Ksh400 to park in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

Vehicles at a car park in Nairobi
Vehicles at a car park in Nairobi

The notice dated December 2, 2019, stated that buses which are not public service vehicles will be charged Ksh.1,000 per day to park in the City.

Revenue collection

County Director of Parking Services Tom Tinega said the new charges are in line with the law which introduced new taxes.

Notably, motorists who park around City Centre and Kijabe will be affected by the new rates.

The move will also see parking charges of Ksh200 introduced in residential areas with motorists paying Ksh300 at shopping and business hubs.

Vehicles at a car park in NairobiVehicles at a car park in Nairobi

The rise is aimed at reversing the drop in Nairobi revenues and decongesting the CBD, says City Hall, adding that traffic jam is costing the city estimated Sh37 billion in fuel and lost man hours.