A hyena was spotted in Nairobi’s Langata estate on Friday night, causing fear among the estate residents.

The scavenger was reportedly sighted near Deliverance Church and recorded on camera strolling past several gates.

In the 40-seconds clip, the animal makes a stop at several gates, moving from one gate to the next and would occasionally stop to stare in the distance.

Demas Kiprono brought the matter to the attention of Kenya Wildlife Service, posting the video on Twitter.

KS responded, stating: “We took note of this and alerted our team. In case of further wildlife sighting, we request that you call our toll free line, 0800597000 for records and follow up.”

Here is the video of the hyena as shared on Twitter.

Langata estate borders Nairobi National Park that is home to diverse wildlife.

Cases of wild animals straying out of the park are not uncommon with the most common one being lions.

On 30 October 2019, three grown lions were spotted on the outskirts of Rongai town, sparking fear.

The big cats would be returned to the park, to the relief of anxious residents.

KWS Strategic Communication Specialist Paul Udoto confirmed that the lions left the park in the morning but were taken back for the safety of the residents.