Residents of Kapsoit said a number of men have been sodomised at night.

“Things are bad here. There are bad spirits like those of Sodom and Gomorrah as men are being raped here at night,” one witness who spoke to us said.

According to him, a man who works at a local restaurant was the latest victim.

He was going home late in the night while drunk when he was attacked.

“They did that to him and left him naked. He was found naked at that trench there, it was so shameful he was unable to even walk,” he said.

Another old man who operates at Kapsoit centre was also a victim of the gang. “Here, men are going home before 6:30.

They fear being sodomised,” he added.

However, there are no cases that have been formally filed at any police station.

Police Car. Photo/courtesy

“Men feel it is shameful to admit that that was done to you and report it to police. I hear only one case is at the police station,” he said.

Kibet Mutai, a bodaboda rider, said the place is infested by ‘devils’ as it has become notorious with the sodomy cases