Tanzanian singer and Kings Music Records boss Alikiba has finally spoken after Kenyan socialite and former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng claimed to be his ex-girlfriend.

Addressing the media during the launch of his new song featuring Christian Bella (Chaku), King Kiba said that he heard the claims and received it as a message from any other fan.

He went on to say that she (Bridget Achieng) is not the first to have a tattoo of his name as many other fans have done that before.

Alikiba confession after socialite Bridget Achieng claimed to hav

Alikiba also mentioned that he saw the tattoo a long time ago.

Mimi nalipokea kama fan na sio yeye pekeake kuna wengi tu walichora na nishaonaga zamani sana ile tattoo yeah,” said Kiba.

Socialite Bridget Achieng

His words come just a day after Ms Achieng in an interview with a local radio station claimed that they were a couple but the relationship did not last long.

She said that they only dated for about a year before they went separate ways, but they remain close friends.

The socialite who has a tattoo of the Kings Music Records boss on her hand stated that they met because she got the tattoo out of the love she had for him as a fan.

I have more than 10 tattoos and no regrets. I even have for my ex-King Kiba, the one and only, Alikiba. You see kwa relationship kuna ile path unaenda na kunai le mtu mwingine anaenda. So for me I don’t shusha any man I have been with, that is one thing I’ll not do. We had different paths, ana Uswahili mimi nina mambo zangu. Mimi naenda mbio yeye ni mstaarabu pole pole, mimi penye naenda niko focused kabisa mimi ni mtu wa Nairobi. Mimi nikaona sitaweza but you see it was good, we’re still friends…. Not so long tumeongea kama six months then I met him, one thing led the other and in a span of one year we were off. I don’t regret being with Kiba, ule ni mtu hata nikiwa 70 years sitamsahau. He was very romantic. But funny thing, niliweka hii tattoo akanitafuta. I was a fan, hio kiuno vile ilikuwa inanenguliwa I was like I have to be part of this project,” said Ms Achieng.